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Drift Talk … with Matt Carter

by Cian Leonard 11th August 2017

After coming very close to putting James Deane out in the Top 4 back in 2014, which would have ended the undefeated streak, English driver Matt Carter returns to the IDC this weekend for not only Round 4 of the 2017 series, but the first ever Drift Super Series event. Ahead of his return, we had a quick chat to see how Matt’s getting on.

Take a read of what Matt had to say below.

So Matt, this weekend we’re glad to have you back in Ireland and competing in the IDC as part of the all-new Drift Super Series. Tell us, how do you feel heading into this weekend’s event?

I’m feeling great heading into this weekend. It’s always a pleasure driving in Ireland with the best of the best.

For anyone that might not have tuned into the BDC so far this season, you’re currently leading the 2017 series there and will be hoping to wrap it up over the 2 remaining events. Last season you finished third overall, but have things really started to click with you and the car this year?

The season is going great so far. The whole package is working and the new Maxxis VR1 tyres are preforming perfectly.

Speaking of your car, it was recently run on the dyno and produced, if I’m not mistaken, 903 horsepower, which is just insane! How have you found taming all that power?

It’s definitely a handful, but Garage-D and our mapper have done a great job, alongside the Sunoco fuel and Walton motorsport exhaust and bigger ASNU injectors, it’s all working in harmony.

Going back to one of the last times you made it over to the IDC then, when your R32 Skyline was still wearing its old livery, you and James Deane battled it out in one of the most memorable events of recent years. It wasn’t to be that time around, but do you think you can finally end this undefeated streak this weekend?

What a great event that was, with some great battles. Never say never anyway, because we won’t be holding back!

And finally then, with a lot more on the line than just ending Ireland’s undefeated streak with the start of the Super Series, who do you see as your biggest competitors for that title crown?

I think there’s to many to choose from these days, but Jack Shanahan, Duane McKeever and Martin Richards are all pushing hard.

A big thanks from all of us here to Matt for taking the time out to answer a few questions for us. Are you looking forward to seeing Matt drive this weekend?

Not quite sure what to expect at Round 4 this weekend? Check out the full event information by clicking here and remember, tickets are available online AND at the gate all weekend long.

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