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Support your favourite IDC Pro driver

by Adam O'Connor 12th April 2018

It may come as no big shock that drifting, and even more so professional drifting, in Ireland isn’t exactly the easiest on the pockets of our drivers. After all, drivers are sending a set of expensive semi-slicks tyres up in smoke with every pass of the track, gulping high octane race fuel faster than a pint of Bulmers in Coppers on All Ireland Final weekend, all while hurling their pride and joy towards an immovable concrete wall at speeds that most people will never even get to in their road car in their lifetime.

When you weigh up all the options, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, physically and monetarily, but as a country, we’re absolutely hooked and it’s easy to see why! The numbers, whether spectators, drivers or those tuning in online, are on the up and have been for some time now, all while other motorsports on this little island in the middle of nowhere seem to be on the decline.

In 2018, the Irish Drift Championship will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary and with that, we’ve decided to try and give our drivers, the ones responsible for progressing the championship to where it is now, the option to get a return from the ticket sales of each IDC 2018 Pro event … and that’s exactly where you come in!

Ever wanted to get behind and support your favourite IDC Pro driver financially? Well now all you need to do is purchase a ticket to any IDC event ONLINE – an event you’re probably heading along to anyway! – and use your favourite driver’s unique driver code in the “Promotions Code” section of the website you’re buying the tickets on, which will be the Mondello Park or Drift Games website, and we will be giving them €5 of that weekend or Sunday ticket sale right into their pocket, meaning they can shred more tyres, rub more doors and get back to the grid even quicker, all with thanks to you!

We may be biased, but we really feel that the IDC Driver Ticket Option is a step in the right direction as we attempt to make the sport we all love and dedicate our lives to, sustainable and we’re ready to pay it forward from the ground up!

Want to know if your favourite Pro driver is involved in the IDC Driver Ticket Option? Check out the full list of eligible drivers below and head over to their social media channels to get their unique driver code.

Adrian Walsh
Alan Hynes
Alan McMeel
Alan O’Loghlen
Brian Egan
Charlie Geary
Chris Brady
Chris Burnett
Conor Shanahan
David Hobbs
Dean Martin
Denis Murphy
Duane McKeever
Jack Shanahan
Joe Doyle
Joseph Roberts
Kevin Quinn
Kieran Casey
Liam Devlin
Mark McBurney
Michael Meegan
Mitch Larner
Paul Conlan
Paul McCarthy
Stuart Gilmour

So with all that said and done, tickets for IDC Round 1 are now available on the Mondello Park website, so whether you’re lining the banks or taking a seat in the grandstand, click here to book your place NOW and DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR FAVOURITE DRIVER’S CODE!

And stayed tuned as tickets for IDC Round 2, “Drift on the Docks 2” go on sale on Monday, April 23rd – the day after IDC Round 1. Last year this event sold out in LESS THAN 4 HOURS, so make sure you don’t miss out!