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JDMDistro partners IDC 2018

by Adam O'Connor 13th April 2018

The Irish Drift Championship (IDC) is delighted to announce that existing partners of the IDC, JDMDistro are back once again as the official supplier of any and all JDM goodies you can think of, for the upcoming 2018 IDC season.

“JDMDistro are proud to continue our support of the Irish & British Drift Championships again for the 2018 season. We’re really excited to see what Dave and the team pull together this year and going by what we’ve heard, it is going to be another huge year. Its great to see drifting coming to this professional level and JDMDistro will continue to develop in tandem by supplying Wheels, Engines, and parts to the top competitors throughout Europe.

– Dave O’Hara – Owner, JDMDistro

Following the announcement of the partnership, IDC CEO, David Egan was delighted to have a company that continues to offer such a vast array of amazing JDM parts to not only plenty of drivers across the grid, but also much of the IDC’s incredible fans, continuing their support for the IDC ahead of the 2018 season.

“The entire drift scene owes it’s existence to the worldwide availability of JDM vehicles and parts. JDM Distro provides the biggest and most convenient selection of rare items and upgrades directly from Japan. With worldwide shipping, excellent advice and unrivalled service, this is your one-stop shop for the most insane JDM wheels and parts. Drift cars are all about looking good and performing better, making JDM Distro the perfect partner for the Irish Drift Championship in 2018. We are delighted to have a partner that understands our love of JDM vehicles and as I’ve always said, their website can be a dangerous place for a true car enthusiast.”

– David Egan – CEO, Irish Drift Championship

Whether you’re looking for the rarest rims for your track car, or building the baddest 2JZ on the grid, make sure to check out JDMDistro’s website now and also make sure you check out all of their social media channels for updates on their ever-changing stock, which you can find links to over on our Partners page.